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2024: Fresh new brand, new team, new media services, new premises!

Updated: Feb 4

12 Vaughan Parade Torquay: Fresh new brand, new team, new services, new premises for Treat Marketing Devon

As we expand into a new chapter within the business community of Torquay, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for our company. Vaughan Parade has become the home to our new premises, and with it, a fresh brand identity that embodies the growth of the company, the team and the services we offer to businesses.

Background of our brand

Our story in Torquay began with a humble office and a grand vision. Over the past five years, we've built our reputation on innovation, strategy, pace and community - becoming an organisation synonymous with trust.

Evolution in progress: Motivations for the brand refresh

A brand refresh is not merely a visual makeover; it is an introspective exercise to redefine and realign with the company's evolving identity and future goals. We initiated this process to better reflect the ethos of innovation and growth, particularly as we expand into offering new services such as podcasting, vodcasting, and launch our comprehensive media studio.

Community at the core

We have listened to feedback, observed local trends, and recognised the revitalised business spirit happening within Torbay. The input we received was integral in our decision to embark on this expansion, ensuring that we remain relevant and relatable to the community we serve.

Keeping our values unchanged

Throughout this transformative process, we have remained steadfast in preserving the core values that define our company. The updated branding not only had to signify change and align to the principles that have guided us to this point. Trust, quality, and community spirit are still at the heart of everything we do.

The new visual language: Key elements of the refresh

Colours: Embracing the environment

Our new colour palette draws inspiration from the lush natural surroundings of Torquay, with a nod to our heritage from Philadelphia. The introduction of ‘Twelve Green '—a deep, jewelled midnight hue—commemorates our new address, 12 Vaughan Parade, and echoes the rich history of our new offices. 'Studio' compliments Twelve Green, representing the professionalism and innovation at the core of our new media services. Together, they offer a fresh, contemporary take on our identity.

12 Vaughan Parade Torquay: Fresh new brand, new team, new services, new premises for Treat Marketing Devon

A new beginning aligned with our mission

Our redesigned brand is a visual manifestation of our continuous journey towards providing cutting-edge services in an ever-changing digital landscape. By refreshing our brand, we reaffirm our dedication to progress and emphasise our ongoing commitment to remaining a leading agency for creativity.

Enhanced customer engagement and loyalty

With a brand that resonates more deeply, we anticipate increased customer engagement and loyalty. The new visual language is designed to enhance our story-telling, making every interaction with our customers more impactful and memorable.

12 Vaughan Parade Torquay: Fresh new brand, new team, new services, new premises for Treat Marketing Devon

Local involvement and collaborations

The local community has been instrumental in our growth, and the brand refresh is no exception. Engaging with other businesses along Vaughan Parade and the broader Torquay area has been both a pleasure and a source of inspiration.

New media services, delivered by experts

Introducing our cutting-edge podcasting, vodcasting, and media studio services

Our state-of-the-art media studio is designed to help businesses and creatives voice their stories through professional podcasting services. We're not just providing the equipment – our experts guide you through the process to ensure your message resonates with your audience.

From media strategy, to production, editing, and promotion - we have you covered.

Vodcasting services merge the power of audio and video, opening up a new realm of possibilities for dynamic content creation. Our team assists you in crafting compelling visual narratives that engage viewers and elevate your brand.

These services are rounded off with comprehensive media solutions tailored to your needs, from production to post-production. Whether it's for marketing, education, or entertainment, our new offerings are geared towards making high-quality media accessible to everyone in the Torquay community and beyond.

Our doors are open, and we're excited to welcome you to the forefront of digital storytelling.

The heartbeat of innovation: Our new dynamic team

Our expanded offices at Vaughan Parade—are a beacon of creativity and collaboration. Designed with openness and functionality in mind, they provide the perfect setting for our talented team to thrive.

12 Vaughan Parade Torquay: Fresh new brand, new team, new services, new premises for Treat Marketing Devon

Within these walls, our team of designers, web developers, and content creators work together, breathing life into ideas and transforming your business communications.

Designers, developers, producers, editors

Our designers are at the forefront of visual communication, translating brand values into compelling graphics. Meanwhile, our web developers harness the latest technologies to build responsive and intuitive websites, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Content is at the heart of what we do

Our content creators are the storytellers, equipped with the skills to craft narratives that resonate and inspire. Together, this diverse group of creative professionals embodies the revitalised energy of our brand, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.

12 Vaughan Parade Torquay: Fresh new brand, new team, new services, new premises for Treat Marketing Devon

In essence, our new offices are not just a space – they are a testament to the ingenuity that drives us and the collective talent that makes our endeavours possible.

Embracing change, sustaining excellence

As we embrace the changes that come with a new premise and a refreshed brand, we do so with a sense of pride and gratitude for the journey thus far. We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead, as we enrich our presence in Devon and beyond.

For the local business community in Torquay, we extend an open invitation to connect, collaborate, and thrive right here on Vaughan Parade. The synergy we generate together will be a testament to the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that defines the optimism of our area.

We are excited about the future and the part we will play in the prosperity of our community. Together, let's make this brand refresh not just a milestone but a defining chapter in our shared growth story. To start your marketing journey with Treat, get in touch!



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