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Webinar? More like rockstar!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

You're planning your online event - but how can you guarantee success?

We're recommending some tried and tested methods for creating webinars that position your organisation as thought leaders and authorities on the subject at hand.

Winning formats:

  • Director interviews an industry expert panel

  • Q & A with sector leaders

  • Talk through important white paper or landmark publication that changes the PESTLE landscape

  • Interview with your director, "In conversation"

  • AMA - Ask Me Anything with question posed by the audience through the event registration landing page.

Top tips for webinars

Make sure your mandatory fields are established from the start. Adding a mandatory field whilst some delegates are already registered on Zoom will invalidate their registration when they try to join. To avoid this problem on the day, untick any mandatory field check boxes at least an hour before you launch the webinar.

Allow delegates to ask questions in advance. Providing a freetext field to allow delegates to ask questions will give you an advance list of topics of interest, provide structure to your presentations, and help along any Q & A sessions that dry up. These questions show you what delegates are interested in, and can also help provide important content, such as FAQs and further blog content to support your pillar.

Record the webinar. You can send content links out after the event, put up a registration datawall to view online, or serve it as an on-demand video on your website, YouTube or LinkedIn.

Offer a post-event experience. People are still accustomed to post-event networking, chit chat, and in some cases, rushing the stage to ask speakers questions. Offer two-way conversations by inviting interested delegates onto the webinar stage, offering an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post event on LinkedIn, or a casual chat for participants on Clubhouse. Offering a post-event experience brings delegates even closer to your organisation and shows you care about them.

Use breakout rooms. Teams and Zoom both offer break out experiences. It's best to make sure these rooms are moderated by leaders in your company, or interested existing clients. It's very important to make sure there is an aim to these sessions, for example, to come away with a list of top resources or software products, or ask each breakout room to come up with ways to solve a problems, like proving return on investment.

Use the pre- and post-event slides to promote services. To avoid the awkward 3-5 minutes as delegates are joining the webinar (but the room isn't full yet), play a simple powerpoint slide animation with images and:

  • A warm welcome

  • Housekeeping tips, like muting or breakout session info

  • Brief timings of the event with principle sessions and starting times listed

  • Any post-event information, like Q&A sessions, recordings, links you expect to publish

  • A few "advertising" slides with your new product or service offer


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