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About Treat

Treat Marketing, Unit 7 Beacon Quay, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 2BG
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A culture of listening first

When I started Treat Marketing, my goal was to provide digital marketing services for the local business community here in Torbay. As we worked with more and more local businesses, we realised that it wasn't just about providing a service—it was about building relationships with our clients. We wanted to be part of their success stories, not just another marketing agency.

We developed a culture of listening first and understanding what our customers needed before recommending anything specific. We took time to understand their goals and objectives so that we could tailor our services accordingly—ensuring they achieved their business ambitions.

Because of this approach, Treat Marketing has been able to build strong relationships with businesses throughout the local area while also helping them accomplish their goals with digital marketing solutions. 

Connected to the community in Torbay Devon

Treat Digital Marketing was founded in Torbay in 2018, with the mission to help local businesses reach their potential. We saw a gap in the market for effective digital marketing solutions and we have the skills, expertise and drive to make it happen.

We believe that every business should have access to cutting edge technology regardless of size or budget. That’s why we strive to make our services as accessible as possible by providing clear explanations of how each tool works and why it's essential. We also take pride in delivering measurable results quickly so you can see exactly what kind of impact your investment has made on your bottom line.

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We focus on taking highly technical, complex marketing tools and making them easy for business owners to understand and leverage. By listening closely to our clients’ needs, we are able to develop tailored strategies that work best for their businesses. Our team are experts in search engine optimisation (SEO), Facebook retargeting ads, lead magnets and landing pages—all offering powerful results for your business.

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Fruition Design was our very first client and the results of our SEO programme were nothing short of remarkable. They had been struggling to get a good ranking on Google for their most valuable keyword, but with the help of our innovative approach, they achieved a number 1 ranking in the UK-wide market in just a few weeks. This success has resulted in an overflowing pipeline of projects lasting through 2023 and beyond. 

Our next venture was Below Decks – a restaurant that needed some help reopening after refurbishment. We created an effective social media and PR campaign which helped them reach over a quarter million people while maintaining an engagement rate of 71%.

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The aim of the PR and social media campaign was to encourage local people and tourists alike to enjoy Below Decks as a hub for the community; it worked beautifully, generating improved reviews, rankings, and ultimately filling up the restaurant every night due to its sterling reputation. 

We are extremely proud that we have been able to achieve such incredible outcomes for both Fruition Design and Below Decks – two businesses who trusted us from day one. Our commitment is always towards creating results-driven campaigns without compromising on creativity or integrity.

We are a dedicated team of professionals with a passion for helping businesses reach their full potential. We understand that the success of every business is unique, so each client we work with receives an individualised plan tailored to their exact needs. 

Our goal is simple: to help Devon businesses across all industries achieve their ambitions and reach new heights of success. Our services cover everything from digital marketing and content creation to PR and social media management – whatever it takes for our clients’ businesses to thrive! 

We listen closely to the wants and needs of our clients in order create strategies that will provide maximum impact. By carefully evaluating data about customer demographics, industry trends, and competitor analysis, we craft comprehensive plans that can take any business from good to great. 

We strive for excellence in everything we do, because when our clients succeed ––we succeed too. Seeing them experience growth and meeting their goals always gives us immense satisfaction knowing that they have achieved success thanks to us. It's why we continue doing what we do; making sure all our customers get the best results possible on each and every project.

Our clients

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Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about helping businesses achieve success through innovative digital strategies. We specialise in a range of services including website design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media management, content creation, email campaigns and more.


Our offices and media studio are located on Vaughan Parade on Torquay's Inner Harbour, and we are dedicated to the business community in Devon. Get in touch today - simply drop us a line.

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