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PR Press and media relations services in Devon UK (1).jpg
Press PR and media relations services in Devon UK (1).jpg

PR, Press and Media Relations

 “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”
– Bill Gates

With access to over 800 publications, count on Treat to get your message out to a wide audience.

Benefit from increased visibility of your business through press releases, product placement, gift guides, interviews, and broadcast opportunities.

Messaging that captures the attention
of our massive network of journalists and editors.

Press coverage needs to resonates with the public on an emotional level because it helps to build trust and loyalty. PR professionals are experienced in leveraging the media to create stories that evoke an emotional response from the public. 

PR Press and Media Relations Services in Torbay.jpg
  • Over 800 publications

  • Press releases

  • Online and print

  • Gift guides

  • Product placement

  • Podcasts, Radio and TV

  • Press and Media Relations

Boost the reputation of your brand with PR

Create meaningful relationships

Benefit from increased visibility

Encourage greater engagement

PR provides a platform for businesses to reach their target audiences, and through compelling storytelling and copywriting, build trust and familiarity. Press and PR helps promote their brand values, and establish credibility in the marketplace, far beyond their existing market.

PR helps to shape the public perception of your brand by proactively getting your company's message out into the world through targeted media outlets, making it easier for customers to find and share information about your business.

PR uses storytelling to draw in potential customers or investors and builds relationships with journalists, editors, bloggers and influencers who can help spread awareness of your product or service.

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