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Generating leads for Ruddy Nice PR and marketing

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The Challenge

Ruddy Nice is a public relations and marketing agency specialising in helping defence technology companies promote themselves and win contracts. When they approached Treat digital marketing agency, they were looking for ways to improve their online visibility and reach more potential customers. To meet this goal, we delivered a competitive research programme and SEO campaign that focused on keywords essential to Ruddy Nice's success.


Our Approach

We conducted depth interviews with important personnel to understand their place in the market, and identify head-to-head competitors to research.


Then, we collaborated with their marketing manager and new website designer to optimise for relevant search terms, ensuring that all content met the criteria set out by Google’s new algorithm.


We then created content catered towards Ruddy Nice’s target audience, and using our exclusive processes, linked and formatted the content to boost organic traffic from their target customers.



The results of our SEO campaign were impressive - Ruddy Nice rose dramatically in the rankings just one week after the website was published, from 3 ranking keywords to over 20, and with more than 7 essential keywords ranking on page 1.


The DSET Event

In addition, our team was also called upon to provide email marketing services for DSET – Ruddy Nice’s annual event in Bristol. As well as providing on-site assistance running the green room and backstage, we provide support managing virtual speakers and attendees during the duration of the 4-day event.

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Let's Work Together

Interested to learn more?

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