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Increased Online Sales at Deck Chair Gin

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The Challenge

Deck Chair Gin Distillers, a small-batch gin distillery situated in the picturesque coastal town of Brixham Devon, wanted to increase their following and engagement on social media, with the aim to boost their online sales.


Our Approach

They partnered with digital marketing agency, Treat, to help develop their brand identity with a new strapline, "The UK's Award-Winning Coastal Gin". This highlights their incredible achievements competing as distillers at a global level, whilst underpinning their coastal origins.


Brand Awareness Campaign

The first step was to create a new immersive Facebook video advertisement that leveraged this new mobile-friendly format and draw viewers in to communicate the craftsmanship behind each bottle with screen-filling sound and visuals. The team focused on targeting ads at potential customers in order to make sure the right audience was seeing their advertisements.


Follow Campaign

Our second campaign invited viewers to follow Deck Chair Gin to learn more about the different types of gin and to receive special offers. This was a great way to ensure that customers kept returning to the site and boosted their following.


Buy Now at Christmas

The final step was to reach out to our new engaged following to encourage purchase of Deck Chair Gin - to give the gift of "winter sun" during the Christmas shopping season. This economic campaign repurposed existing video, stressed the award-winning position, and invited viewers to "Buy Now".


Storytelling increases engagement

To further extend Deck Chair’s reach, the team enhanced their web presence by creating social media posts and stories that shared fun stories related to drinking gin and coastal memories. This content resonated with potential customers and further strengthened Deck Chair’s reputation as a top-notch boutique spirit brand.


Bringing customers along on the journey

Through these efforts, Deck Chair experienced a surge in brand awareness leading up to the Christmas season – exactly what they needed. Combining powerful visual storytelling with targeted ads and compelling content enabled them to grow their reach and drive more shoppers to purchase products from their site. Ultimately, Deck Chair Gin Distillers was able to promote themselves successfully online during the holiday season – proof that our strategic digital marketing campaigns are effective.


Let's Work Together

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