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How Fruition Design reached #1 on Google

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The Challenge

Fruition Design, a hospitality interiors, web development and design firm based in Devon, sought to increase their presence across the UK and beyond. To do this, they partnered with Treat digital marketing agency to develop and execute an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign to get them to the number one position on Google for keywords essential to their business.


The Approach

Our team began by researching keywords relevant to Fruition’s services, creating comprehensive, helpful content using those keywords, and optimising the web pages for maximum visibility.


Treat listens first

We interviewed the owner, lead designers, clients and contractors working with Fruition, to create content that Google considers helpful and works with the latest algorithms. Our interview techniques also reveal the authentic voice of our customer.


A unique SEO process

Treat uses an exclusive method to attract customer searches and demonstrate Fruition's authority on the keyword subject. By doing so, we are able to drive more organic search traffic from users searching for pub and bar refurbishment, interior design, hospitality design, web development and marketing asset design


Positioned at the very top of Google

The campaign proved very successful as Fruition quickly rose up the rankings and achieved their goal of reaching the top spot on Google for relevant keywords. This allowed them to increase their visibility online in the UK and abroad, leading to increased website hits, higher leads, and improved customer engagement overall.


SEO is a powerful tool

The success of Fruition Design’s SEO campaign is a testament to the power of digital marketing when it comes making businesses visible online. By taking an holistic approach that covers everything from keyword research to content creation to social media, any business can create an effective marketing strategy that helps them stand out from their competition.

Treat Marketing Client Fruition Design Devon SEO Package and Social Media

Let's Work Together

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