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Small business ranks alongside the big boys at the top of Google

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The Challenge

The Gift of Sensory is a small business based in Devon that is dedicated to providing high-quality sensory products for young children and babies. As the world of e-commerce grows ever more competitive, they found themselves struggling to compete against major online retailers such as Amazon and Etsy. To help overcome this challenge, the Gift of Sensory partnered with Treat to create and execute an effective online search strategy.


The Approach

We first conducted extensive keyword research to determine which terms would best capture their target audience. This was followed by a series of interviews to understand the best way to group the content, and to capture the authentic voice of this business. We also looked at the current work and what could be improved to ensure they were showing up in more relevant searches for baby sensory toys.


Creating Content

We created a comprehensive guide to sensory toys, with supporting blogs to go into more detail into different types of toys, gifts, and sensory achievements for every stage of a child's development. We improved the website overall, working through each product to link appropriate supporting information to help customers make informed choices. Using Google Search Console, we ensured Google indexing of each and every page and blog, tracking queries and optimising content to respond to customer demand.



The results are impressive - The Gift of Sensory soon began climbing up Google SEO rankings for their most popular items and even managed to outrank Amazon sellers on image search. Thanks to our digital marketing efforts, the company was able to gain more exposure online and connect with potential customers who might have otherwise overlooked them in favour of bigger brands.


SEO success is in reach

This case study highlights how even small businesses can achieve success online if they make use of targeted digital campaigns - no matter how large their competition may be. Armed with the right strategies, any business can reach its desired audience and position itself ahead of its competitors on search engines.

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Let's Work Together

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