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The Essential Guide to the Namecore aesthetic

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

If you want to market your business to Gen Z, then you need to know about the Namecore aesthetic trend. This is a unifying style that brings together all of the other trends into one cohesive look. By using Namecore, you can attract younger customers who are looking for something that resonates with them.

What is the Namecore aesthetic?

The term "aesthetic" is regularly used to describe the overall look and feel of something. In this case, it is applied to Pinterest boards and TikTok feeds which are then organized by topic. For example, you have fairycore (fairy-themed), cluttercore (cluttered/messy), and regencycore (elegant) just to name a few. There is definitely a board out there for everyone's taste!

Fashion (and interiors) are leading the namecore aesthetic

One of the most intriguing instances in which Gen Z is influencing society is language, especially when it comes to fashion. Suddenly, just about every style or trend is something-core. Check out this helpful glossary of fashionable namecore trends here.

Where do the trends begin?

The overall Namecore trend began on Pinterest, where users can pin images to virtual mood boards. The trends have now grown beyond Pinterest – and is popular on other platforms such as Instagram and especially TikTok, where #namecore has 8 million views already.

Naming trends isn't new

Naming trends and subcultures, of course, isn't a new concept. Punks, Mods, hippies, New Romantics, grunge music fans and emos are just a few examples of historical trends. What's remarkable now is the rise in the number of new words for fashion trends, subcultures, vibes, and even emotions that creep into the general vocabulary.

Names provides theme and purpose

It's one thing to be open to a new trend; it's something else entirely to give it a name. A name lends legitimacy and a social identity to a movement.

Niching and naming is where we find our identity

The ever-changing trends have made it popular to come up with names for each one - partly due to how TikTok has influenced our taste. Because of the speed of the platform's algorithm, niche community trends can be easily found and consumed by many.

Namecore is always evolving and growing

There's always a new micro-culture, niche, aesthetic or vibe emerging online. In the past, a few well-known trends might have defined an entire decade. For example, in the 1970s you had skinheads, disco fans and metalheads. However, these days we're seeing just as many - if not more - new trends taking over TikTok within a single week.

Not only do namecore labels help us understand who we are, but they also allow us to feel part of a larger community.

Community and the need to belong

Social media platforms were intended to provide new ways of interacting. Given today's dynamic online world, it's becoming more and more clear that the community these platforms provide has increased significantly.

How do I search for my namecore aesthetic?

Search for "*first name* core aesthetic" in your favourite platform's search bar to find out what your name's style is. People who use that first name create posts that are influenced by the pictures that appear in the search results. Colour and topic similarities offer style inspiration for all sorts of media, including fashion and home design.

How can you leverage this trend for your business?

By staying up-to-date on the latest Namecore trends, you can ensure that your business is always ahead of the curve. You can use this trend to market your products or services to Gen Zers in a way that resonates with them. After all, they are the trendsetters of today and tomorrow.

Tips for using Namecore trends in your business:

  • Use social media to stay up-to-date on the latest Namecore trends

  • Follow the hashtag #namecore on Instagram, and search it on TikTok

  • Start making collections of your products into themed -core collections and market your products or services to Gen Zers.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of Gen Z culture so you can anticipate and embrace future changes.

Use case: Customer Roadmaps

The namecore style is represented in a variety of artistic disciplines. Brands and experts have recently gotten on-board, creating specialised and actionable interior design roadmaps based on Pinterest search results. Searching TikTok or Pinterest will drive traffic to your collection. Start with interior collections or fashion designs based on the namecore aesthetics of some of the UK's most well-known names.

  • Sarahcore: Soft pastel colours with a natural, otherworldly feel.

  • Emmacore: A clean, simple aesthetic with a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

  • The Michaelcore style is a maximalist theme that pulls together an interesting combination of colours and textures, including retro and bold pieces.

  • Davidcore style is typified by deep reds and stark blacks, giving any space a dusky ambiance.

Learn more about brand positioning

If you want to learn more about positioning your products and services into a namecore collection, get in touch. We are active on Instagram and TikTok and can help with both organic and paid strategies to suit your business goals.


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