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NEW! Instagram lead forms (step-by-step)

Instagram has recently added a new Call-to-Action (CTA) button option for business profiles: Lead Forms. This new feature allows businesses to create forms directly on their Instagram profiles, making it easier for users to connect with them and get more information about their products or services.

Instagram Lead Forms are easy to set up and gives businesses a way to capture user information, such as name, email address, phone number, and other details.

Instagram Lead forms step-by-step

To start, go to your profile, press the edit profile button, then scroll down to the Action Buttons option.

The PR form asks for a users name, the Instagram Strategies Form asks for a users name and telephone number, and the custom form can be used to ask up to three bespoke questions in addition to name and phone number. These questions can be multiple choice or short answer.

Flick through the step-by-step guide:

Choose a button for your form: Apply now, Learn more, Get quote or sign up.

Once you press done, your new button will appear on your profile. New leads appear in your Notification Centre (not in your DMs).

Use the category tools to indicate the stage of each lead: Not contacted (default), contacted, converted and not interested.

One of the biggest advantages of Lead Forms is that they allow businesses to collect user information without leaving the Instagram app. This means that users can complete the form in just a few taps, without having to navigate to a separate website or landing page. This streamlined process can help increase conversion rates and provide businesses with valuable insights into their target audience.

More can be done

Although is a new feature, it would be great if Instagram would continue adding features, for example, analytics that show businesses how many users have completed the form, how many leads have been generated, and more. This information could be used to optimise future campaigns and ensure that businesses are reaching the right audience with their marketing efforts.

Get involved today

Overall, Lead Forms are a great addition to Instagram's suite of business tools, providing businesses with a simple and effective way to connect with users and collect valuable information. Whether you're a small business looking to reach a wider audience, or a large corporation looking to improve your lead generation efforts, Lead Forms are a must-try for businesses looking to grow and succeed on Instagram.

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