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Creative lead magnet and landing page is driving new enquiries for Fruition Design

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We've been commissioned by a local design agency, Fruition Design for a few digital marketing projects. We love working with the Fruition team - they are dedicated to investing and improving their business. It makes our job of promoting their new sales tools really simple.

This blog gives an in-depth look at their new lead magnet, landing page and paid digital marketing strategy on social media through paid advertising on LinkedIn.

What's the project about?

The Fruition Design Project Calculator is the lead magnet. It's a design project calculator developed by the owner of the company, Mark Green alongside their talented web developer, Andy Beer.

What assets are needed for a lead magnet campaign?

Treat developed the assets for the digital marketing campaign, including:

  • The bespoke, copywritten landing page

  • Instructions for the end user to complete the lead magnet form

  • Design brief for the lead magnet report

  • Digital advertising campaign inc. social media artwork

  • LinkedIn targeted campaign with A/B split testing

The advertising uses the splits to test effectiveness and refine the messaging. The LinkedIn ads are running for 30 days to start, drawing attention to the lead magnet and ask prospects to complete the lead magnet form.

Images of the splits are below - which do you prefer?

The importance of the landing page

About two-thirds of B2B marketers use landing pages in their marketing strategy. These are one of the most important things for businesses looking to interact with online customers. This type of web pages helps you manage your customer base and helps you build a good relationships with your company. You should make a landing page that is relevant, good-quality and suitable for SEO. One's contact list is a great asset for any company, but landing pages can take it one step further and contribute to the success of your business. The more conversions you have, the better off you are. It leads to new clients who ultimately want to buy something from your store which means that there will be more money coming in for your business.

How the lead magnet works

Mark Green and Andy Beer built the custom project calculator for Fruition Design to use in proposals which helps them communicate more effectively, save time on proposal development and win work.

The prospect enters their project timeline, the budget, and the kind of quality or style of their design and build project. Based on the information that is provided, there's some immediate outputs provided digitally, such as a timeline and a preliminary budget.

The project details are passed to Fruition, and they prepare a bespoke project report to respond in-depth to the timescales, budget and style that the lead has chosen. The report is sent to the respondent by email, along with some recommendations and proposals, forming a mini consultation that's completely free.

Why the lead magnet works for Fruition Design

The lead magnet is a great way for Fruition to develop their pipeline of prospects and generate enquiries with minimal effort. It's also means that they can focus on the projects that suit their business needs in terms of budget, time or style.

The project calculator helps them communicate more effectively - saving time on proposal development and it's valuable for the leads completing the form. Because of it's innovation, there's also an opportunity for press in Torbay, Devon and beyond, and for coverage in interior design magazines.

Try the lead magnet yourself

If you know someone interested in starting a commercial refurbishment programme, why not try using the form and get your free, professional project report? Here's the link to see for yourself.

What's next for Fruition?

Now that businesses are starting up their refurbishment projects, we thought it would be a great idea to launch a brand awareness campaign, to remind clients and new prospects about the amazing projects that Fruition has delivered across the Southwest in recent years. Engagement so far has been amazing - read the next blog to learn how (and why) the campaign is delivering real return on investment!

We recently created a load of content published in a pillar and blog style format to boost the SEO of the Fruition Design website, called The Ultimate Guide to Pub Refurbishment. - the aim is to have them start ranking on page 1 of Google, and to earn a SERP Snippet!

If you are interested in creating a lead magnet and landing page to give your business a boost, get in touch!


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