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Treat tapped to help manage global hybrid conference

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Hybrid events are a great solution for a global conference when travel is still being restricted due to Covid-19. How do you bring people together in the same "room" when so many can't travel? The answer is a hybrid event.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is run both in-person and online, giving you a wide reach and an additional channel, without sacrificing the "buzz" of the in-person event, with trade booths, plenary sessions, and fantastic networking.

Treat's top tips for hybrid events

It's important to curate two difference experiences for your delegates, NOT a webinar that is tacked on to an in-person event. So both events need to be relevant and engaging for each audience. This will also support an identical price for in-person and a "premium" online experience.

  • The trade hall marketplace feeling is going to be less like a wander from booth-to-booth, and be much more "on-demand" where online delegates will click to enter your booth, and you can choose to use your video and audio to interact with your virtual visitor.

  • Regional events are likely to work well for in-person events with local delegates attending in person and further delegates attending online due to fear of travel or outright restrictions.

  • Tailor your post-event communications to the activities for which each delegate was involved, or example, thanking delegates for asking questions in the Q & A or for engaging insights in the chat. Making your communications personalised to the delegates experience will really resonate with delegates and make them more likely to engage with post-event materials and book next year.

  • Send popular "swag boxes" to your speakers before the event, packed with special goodies to keep your VIPs happy and involved.

  • You can create special experiences with your pre- and post-event communications, creating short-term Slack communities, engaging with delegates over Teams apps like Icebreaker or Random Coffee. Carry out a post-event Ask Me Anything session (also known as an AMA) live on LinkedIn -- the promotion with give you further touchpoints and added value for delegates.

  • Once you have an online platform chosen, the sky is the limit as you will no longer be constrained by room size or trade hall size.

2000 delegates hearing one speaker? No problem.

500 exhibitors? Why not!

Delegates from 20 time zones? Not a problem.

You can go as large as you like with a virtual experience.

Treat Torbay will be at DSET from 24 - 26th May working in the VIP Green Room, Backstage operations, and assisting with event production in the behind-the-scenes Blue Room. The in-person conference will be held at Ashton Gate in Bristol, with online participants joining via hybrid event specialty platform HopIn. The online conference will feature a virtual reception, main stage, forums, an interesting networking roulette feature and an expo hall with exhibitors.

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Are you interested in hosting an online, in-person or hybrid event? We can help you plan, promote and produce an unforgettable event with lasting value to your organisation and your customers. Contact us at or ring us at 07513 472371.

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