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How (and why) to use the 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year to Refresh Your Brand

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Treat Torbay refresh your digital brand with colour

The Pantone Colour of the Year is announced: Very Peri! The WGSN Colour of the year has been announced as Orchid Flower. These colours will be popular in design and fashion for the upcoming year. They are usually chosen based on which colour represents current societal trends, feelings and needs and is meant to be used as a guide for creative professionals.

Tips for refreshing your digital brand and social media

What can you do to refresh your digital brand identity and social media presence using these colours? Here are some tips:

  • Use these colours in your website’s colour scheme or as an accent colour on certain pages.

  • Incorporate it into your social media graphics and templates.

  • Use it in your advertising and marketing materials.

  • Add them to your brand’s colour palette on branding platforms like Canva or Adobe Photoshop.

Refreshing your colours

You can use these colours to swap out a blue or a purple colour from your existing digital palette, or you can change the tonality of a red colour to be more bluish and change a brown colour to be more purple.

Inspiration through colour

Here is some inspiration to think about these two colours of the year and how you can apply them to your social media images. Here we've shown you how you can reflect Devon's beauty in your social media through images of Dartmoor, and beautiful Torbay gardens. Colours are widely reflected as Very Peri in sunrises in morning light, and in vibrant Torbay sunsets with Orchid Flower.

How has the Colour of the Year changed over time?

There are a lot of musings about the societal and economic reasons why colours are chosen and why consumer tastes change. WGSN is a leading consumer insights and research provider that has determined Orchid Flower could be considered to be an evolving, bolder shade of millennial pink - with the purple hues evocative of spirituality and mysticism.

Last year was Illuminating

The Pantone 2021 Colour of the Year, (in addition to Ultimate Grey) was called "Illuminating" also known as Gen-Z Yellow. Using that colour in fashion and digital media signals to younger digital natives a sense of power, sunshine, warmth and optimism.

The new neutral... Pantone 2016 Colour of the Year: Rose Quartz

Millennial Pink was based off of the 2016 Pantone Colour of the year, Rose Quartz and is now widely accepted as a neutral tone, a core colour that is genderless and timeless.

Case Study: Using colour blocks in social media

We've presented some examples here of how Harbour Studios uses their brand palette to underpin and support their brand's messaging in a subtle way that enhances their Instagram grid.

Treat is here to help

We hope that you enjoy exploring these colours along with us! If you need assistance with your digital brand, or you'd like to have a look at how colour can be used in your social media profile with greater impact, please give us a call on 07513472371 or email us at


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