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New content campaign to support B2B product launch!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Are you launching a new B2B product but don't know how to grab the attention of your audience? We're here to help. Treat has been commissioned to support the launch of a new consultancy product. The campaign includes:

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  • Interviews with directors to understand the implications and risk to organisations

  • A powerful content pillar to drive SEO on highly-searched keywords

  • Supporting blogs to create customer touchpoints and backlinks

  • Live Zoom webinar with featured guest from a government organisation, featuring a modern Clubhouse-style Q & A

  • All email and social media communications; pre- and post-event

  • Landing pages and data management with progressive fields using the client's Hubspot CRM. (yes, we're Hubspot pros)

  • Follow-up mini-campaign to repurpose the content with the on-demand video

  • Lead magnet landmark publication "Ultimate Guide"

  • All sales assets, including one-pagers and e-brochures for the product

  • KPI targets for SEO, webinar bookings, leads and sales to measure the return on investment of the campaign

Building credibility and trust

The purpose is simply to position this client as the unquestioned authority in this subject area. And that's what professional services marketing is all about - credibility.

Creating lasting impact

The multimedia assets and SEO position will set up this product for new business over the course of the 2021/22 financial year, bringing lasting benefits and sales leads long after the campaign is over.

The marketing and sales collateral can be repurposed into countless mini-campaigns on social media, follow-up blogs, self-assessments, how-to guides and more. The list really is endless.

How does your agency stack up?

Can your marketing agency do all this? We are marketing professionals; for professional services organisations - building your brand, your trust, and your credibility is what we do everyday! If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to help you with product and service launches, please contact us at or ring us at 07513 472371.


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