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#ShopLocalTorbay: Promoting local businesses this Christmas with a collaborative marketing campaign

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

We are delighted to be launching the #ShopLocalTorbay collaborative digital marketing campaign. This campaign promotes and supports local businesses in Torbay throughout the Christmas shopping season.

The #ShopLocalTorbay campaign is a collaborative digital marketing campaign, led by 20 local small businesses to promote and share each other's products and services on Instagram. The campaign is running on Instagram, through posts and stories. We'll be sending out special offers, product launches, giveaways, competitions and promotions throughout the 30-day campaign.

How is the hashtag used?

Under the #ShopLocalTorbay hashtag, it is easier for everyone in Torbay to find local businesses on online and on social media. Those using the hashtag will receive special offers first, and will get advance notice of special sales, such as on #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday. Everyone is invited to share their shopping experiences through the hashtag to connect with the wider community, and to promote local Torbay businesses to their networks.

When is the marketing campaign?

The shop local Torbay campaign runs for 30 days from Monday the 15th of November through Wednesday the 15th of December.

Who is helping lead the campaign?

We are looking for local, small businesses with:

  • an e-commerce or retail presence

  • a product suitable for Christmas gifting

  • be available to lead by posting, sharing and engaging in Instagram content throughout the day

If you are interested in being a campaign leader, please send through your details here to receive your resource pack. We are accepting the first 20 eligible businesses to keep the collaborative partner figures manageable and to allow all leaders to be mentioned in Instagram posts (currently limited to 20).

How Treat is supporting the campaign

Treat is gathering all the business and product information from each company and bringing it together into a single resource pack. Businesses describe themselves, including special promotional dates for example, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, product launches or special promotions and offers.

Product descriptions are fundamental to communications

Businesses are invited to describe their products so those promoting the hashtag can communicate accurate product descriptions, features and benefits. Each description has options for specialty product categories, such as, vegan, sustainable, locally sourced, organic, or handmade.

Sharing the resource pack

The resource pack will be shared with all 20 core businesses to begin sharing and promoting the hashtag widely in a collaborative marketing effort.

Promoting the hashtag

We will be advertising the campaign widely on #TorbayHour and #DevonHour. We will also be sending out press releases and publishing a digital guide: The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Shopping in Torbay this Christmas.

What are the benefits of collaborative digital marketing?

  • Introducing new customers to one another

  • Coordinate centrally through a single agency to save time and money

  • Create new markets that may not have existed locally

  • Develop new products or co-create collaborative products in different industries

  • Increase the value of your small business in terms of social reach, social engagement and word of mouth

  • Increase your sales

  • Improve brand awareness

  • Gain third-party validation (TPV) by affiliating yourself with your peers.

Interested to learn more?

Digital marketing is made for collaboration! Treat can help you partner with the right people and help to make your collaborative marketing campaign a success. For more information, simply email us at or pop by the offices on Torquay Harbour. The coffee is our treat!


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