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Micro to add authenticity. How this fourth and final question lands your content with laser focus

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

In our fourth question, the micro question, we learn why the topic matters in real terms to real people. Any why they need to act.

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The micro question asks your director / executive / thought leader why this topic matters to them, in their life, for their future, their family, and in the way they view the world.



Question 4: Tell me why this matters to you, personally.

This is where you let the air hang with long pauses, getting allllll the good stuff from your director. When they run out of steam, repeat their last statement back to them and stay silent to wait for them to fill in the gap. Works everytime ☺

Example response:

My family and I spend a lot of our spare time in the natural world, going to the lakes and hiking, and I think protecting the climate for the future is important for me and my family.

What can you do with the response to question 4?

In B2B, and in this environment where people want to know more about the companies with which they are doing business, and know for certain that their values are aligned. This question, and the response is critical.

You will use this response to begin creating personal branding statements on behalf of the director, positioning them as a thought leader on this subject that matters personally to them.

The credibility of your company leaders is essential for a cohesive, and structured product offer. Any part of that offer that is out of alignment will confuse customers and potentially damage your brand.


Next, we're looking at putting these 4 questions into action with a comprehensive activation plan and product launch. Are you ready? We are.

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