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Building on Success: New Brand Awareness Campaign for Fruition Design

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We've been commissioned by Fruition Design to promote their expertise in a new brand awareness campaign. Their portfolio of commercial refurbishment is truly amazing and the website is definitely worth a visit. With stunning photography and unforgettable stories from satisfied customers – it makes our digital marketing campaigns easy to produce and manage.

Fruition specialises in designing and building office spaces, retail stores, restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels. Their new brand awareness campaign aims to build on their recent successes by attracting a new audience of leads looking to refurbish their commercial properties. This blog post explores Fruition's new campaign, and how they think about design through the lens of their new mission statement:

Bringing style, value and joy to people and businesses that live, work and play in the Southwest.

Fruition has been busy!

After a long period of radio silence on social media during the pandemic, Fruition Design looked quiet, despite being quite busy! We are helping them with a 3-week brand awareness campaign that highlights some of the most important projects that Fruition has undertaken over the past several years. The social media campaign features powerfully written copy, and gorgeous professional photographs of some beautiful commercial projects that they've done.

Posts will feature refurbishment of pubs, restaurants, sports clubs, holiday parks, and attractions in and around Torbay, around Devon and across the South West.

Why the campaign works for Fruition Design

Fruition have delivered unforgettable customer experiences with outstanding quality materials and craftsmanship, sustainable supply chains, and through it all, have really great relationships with their clients.

The brand awareness campaign is running across five of their social channels - (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn), and highlight some of the very best services that the company can offer - a real showcase of capacity, capability and creativity.

A strategic plan with a wide reach

We're really happy to be working with Fruition Design on a strategic plan that optimises their existing relationships, creates opportunities to add value for new leads, and generates awareness of the brand in a meaningful and memorable way.

We're delivering content through multiple touchpoints, through organic and paid social media channels, the Fruition email database and by making best use of existing assets, such as their amazing website.

Upcoming content programme

There's lots more to come! We have been commissioned to work with Fruition and their customers to create optimised content, designed to boost their keyword SEO. We're using a pillar-and-blog strategy to tell the story of how Fruition completed a pub refurbishment for the Thatched Tavern, and what Fruition can do for customers. We are looking for a real digital marketing performance boost directly attributed to some compelling content and savvy SEO.

Are you interested in a brand awareness campaign that will get your phone ringing and website buzzing? Message Treat and we'll talk through your requirements.

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