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Successful brand launch campaign at Harbour Studios in Torquay

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

We are delighted to be commissioned to launch a new shared workspace brand in Torquay. Harbour Studios is a rebrand of a former shared workspace called Unit Seven, based on Torquay Harbour. It's a vibrant, energising space for the Torbay business community to come together and be creative and productive. The strapline for Harbour Studios is Work, Live, and Play, and the digital marketing strategy and campaigns promotes each of these characteristics in a truly authentic and meaningful way.

Creating brand awareness

With this exciting new brand, and a brief received from the client, including the colours and fonts, we set about creating an aesthetic brand awareness campaign across social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. The purpose of the awareness campaign was to announce and promote this new shared workspace with all of the energy and the excitement the brand evokes.

A brand personality rooted in the name

The brand Harbour Studios is a positive step forward for this shared workspace; with the new name Harbour Studios, it does two big things. First of all, it provides a sense of place: Harbour, which is evocative, romantic, historic, and fundamental to Torbay. A lot of activity and excitement happens around the harbour, and it is an intrinsic part of what Torbay is about. The harbour is deeply embedded in what it means to live in Torbay.

The second part of the name, Studios, evokes creativity, openness, warmth, and a paradoxical sense of both individualism and togetherness. So, the two words together, Harbour Studios, says so much more about what the space actually is than the previous name and we're really proud to support that strategic re-brand.

A hard-working strapline

The strapline for Harbour Studios; their motto, is Work, Live, and Play. The diverse nature of the strapline provides a rich opportunity for images, captions, and hashtags to captivate an audience and encourage followers to take action. It's that sense of being near the sea and being near your home that brings that motto to life. Working at Harbour Studios, you can commute by paddleboard, bike or even swim, take a beach stroll at lunch and enjoy endless beautiful autumn and winter sunsets. With an active social and sports club scene, including the Torbay Business Cycling Club, there are opportunities to make friends from colleagues and enjoy all the bars and restaurants along the harbour at lunchtime and after work. Being so close to home, you don't have to battle the A380 - quick nip home and you are back with your family, relaxed and ready to enjoy the evening. It's this perfect work-life balance that makes Harbour Studios so special.

Putting a headline to work

With the flexible and hard-working strapline to work, live and play, we had a wide range of images, captions, thoughts, and feelings to communicate across a range of marketing channels. Just coming out of lockdown, we wanted to express freedom and choice with the simple headline:

You can work anywhere in the world,

choose to work at Harbour Studios

Harbour Studios is located directly on the harbour; close to the sea and close to the beaches, and lets you get out of the office and instantly into the water, and back with your family and to the parts of Devon that you absolutely love. The social media campaign supported all of those strapline brand pillars, and we chose images that were distinctly Devon, distinctly Torbay, and we made sure to use only authentic images of the sea, sand, paddleboarding, and creativity and productivity in action.

Stylised Instagram grid

As part of the digital marketing strategy, we used the wide range of brand colours to create a colourful diagonal Instagram grid pattern to break up the images, while actively supporting the distinct Harbour Studios brand.

The panels contain quotations and testimonials from Harbour Studios customers,

and enhance the trust and credibility of the brand through authenticity. The panels are run for six cycles, then replaced with a new promotional offer and a new colour. This digital marketing strategy signals to followers that there's an announcement and to check out the bio and captions for more information.

Account growth

The growth of the social media accounts for Harbour Studios is astronomical, and part of that success is due to the beauty of Torbay. Images of the sea, beaches, harbour, and moors attract interest to the account, and are a big part of the Devon lifestyle promoted by the brand. The Harbour Studios Instagram account has grown from zero at its launch in April this year to well over 500 followers in a span of a few months. The traffic and engagement ranges from people living locally, people who are staycation-ing, work-cationing and holidaying here in Torbay. Globally, we're getting a lot of shared workspaces that follow us for inspiration and ideas, collaborative workspaces from all over the world, and also people that simply admire Torbay, and want to stay up to date with what's going on here because they feel a deep connection to the area.

Why is a successful digital brand launch important for your business?

Launching your brand across digital platforms is important because it allows you to reach a wider range of people, and opens up opportunities for your brand that wouldn't have been possible before. You can promote events, share case studies, build an engaged following with the right demographic to give you insights and business intelligence.

Digital marketing is a new landscape, filled with opportunity

Digital marketing has completely changed how business is done, and the landscape has changed from a more traditional approach. In order to thrive in this digital age, brands need to be digitally savvy and forward-thinking about their marketing strategies, especially post-Covid, where digital platforms have exploded in popularity.

Your digital brand is central to your business success

A strong digital brand means that your business is more appealing to those who are interested in what you do and want to find out more. A strong digital brand will also increase trust and credibility, build loyalty and repeat business as well as reaching a wider audience through social media and search engine optimisation (SEO).

We can help you launch your digital brand

Helping you launch your brand online is what we do at Treat Marketing. Our services include :

  • Digital Marketing Strategy: We will work with you to create a cohesive online brand that reflects who you are and what your business stands for, across all digital platforms.

  • Social Media Management: Whether it's growing your following or engaging them in conversation, we can help make sure they stay loyal customers by keeping content fresh and interesting using the right mix of scheduled and spontaneous posts and stories.

  • SEO: We will conduct research to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is search engine optimised, bringing you more business through the use of natural keywords and phrases in blog content and website copy.

  • Content Creation: We can create blogs, articles and newsletters to promote your brand through digital channels.

Experienced and reliable

At Treat Marketing we have worked with numerous businesses across Torbay to launch their brands successfully online. Our expert team of designers, writers, marketers and SEO specialists work together seamlessly to provide you with a cohesive strategy that is fully optimised for digital success. Contact us today to find out how we can take your business online and make it grow!

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