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Case study: Digital marketing collaboration in Torbay (and the results we achieved)

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

We recently introduced a digital marketing collaboration with five businesses based in Torbay, and we're delighted to announce amazing results in terms of reach and engagement. The companies and their agencies teamed up to celebrate International Gin & Tonic Day as well as commemorate the hashtag #SoberOctober.

Our client brief

Our client, Below Decks wanted to offer drink specials on this special day, and they turned to us for assistance. To improve their digital reach and engagement, we contacted local businesses to create a genuinely unique week-long celebration dedicated to the classic G & T.

Working with Luscombe’s agency in Exeter

We reached out to Luscombe Devon Tonic Water, a business that uses Dartmoor spring water to make a variety of tonic waters particular to Devon. Their marketing firm, based in Exeter, responded promptly with inspiring seaside photographs and all the assistance we needed to go forward with the campaign.

Deck Chair Gin connected on social media

Deck Chair is a craft gin distiller based in Brixham. We'd been in contact with Deck Chair Gin for our #TorbayFriday promotion and they were happy to help!

Working with an award-winning non-alcoholic spirit in Torbay

Aware that many were commemorating #SoberOctober, and to be inclusive to all, we contacted Sea Arch, a non-alcoholic distilled spirit, founded by local business leader, Sarah Yates. Their agency, Introtweet, provided caption text, tasting notes and all the hashtags needed to make a wide-reaching campaign for this unique local product.

We worked together as a collaborative marketing team

Vital campaign essentials included images (still and video) from Hugh Murthwaite Visuals, important times and dates, channels, caption starters, hashtags, mention tags, calls to action, and important contact details for each partner in this collaborative team.

Results and impact

Treat brought it all together for Below Decks

What Treat brought to the table with this campaign is a little of creativity and cooperation, as well as proof that digital marketing can flourish at the local level. Collaborating locally with your closest neighbours and promoting local businesses will result in greater footfall, a higher campaign success rate, and a deeper connection with the community.

We are here to help the Torbay business community with digital marketing.

We are all about helping the local Torbay business community and collaborating to attract more business, tourism, and investment to the region through cutting-edge collaborative digital marketing at Treat.

How can we help?

Treat is your digital marketing agency in Torbay. Give us a call on 07513472371 to discuss your social media, promotional campaigns, and collaborative partnerships.


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