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Drafting meaningful content with authenticity and empathy

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

We were commissioned to write a personal blog about a burglary incident that happened to a young business owner in Torbay.

Our approach

When interviewing this individual, we found that key themes that emerged during the conversation were lessons that they had learned from the incident. We felt it was important to draw out those lessons to demonstrate the authenticity and credibility of this young business owner when facing one of their greatest challenges to date.

Our focus

We focused on how they reacted to the situation, how they resolved the situation through creativity and building relationships, and how they were able to strengthen their resolve when making changes going forward.

Relationships matter

They felt it was really important to protect their business. In practical terms, in real terms, but also they felt it was really important to take stock of the different business relationships they had and how they could be improved upon, and strengthened.

There was also an empathy for the circumstance that they found themselves in.

There was an empathy with the perpetrators of the crime.

There was an empathy for the members of the public who helped them resolve the issue.

And there was an empathy demonstrated towards their colleagues and co-workers, and the people that were helping them to resolve the issue.

Creating content with lasting value

It was a really rewarding blog to help create, and it was valuable to the business owner as well. Having that moment of reflection, getting the words down, re-reading them, re-living it and thinking through the emotions and lessons learned has really helped this young individual come to terms with a very distressing time in their career.

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