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How to optimise your lead management for effective retargeting

Updated: Feb 3

lead management and effective retargeting

Lead generation is a pivotal aspect of property development marketing. However, generating leads is just the first step. What truly matters is how you manage, nurture, and re-market to these leads. Having your own website gives you exclusive ownership of the leads generated, providing you with the opportunity to control the re-targeting, re-marketing, and email marketing process.

Understanding lead management

Lead management refers to the process of tracking and managing prospective customers. It involves various stages, including lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and conversion. Effective lead management can increase conversion rates and build lasting relationships with potential buyers.

The importance of lead management in property development

In property development, the sales cycle can be longer than in other sectors. Prospective buyers may take weeks or even months to make a decision. During this time, effective lead management is crucial to keep your development at the forefront of their minds.

Here's why it's so important:

Nurturing leads

Not all leads will be ready to buy immediately. Lead management allows you to nurture these leads through consistent communication, gradually moving them through the sales funnel until they're ready to purchase.

Personalised marketing

Understanding your leads enables you to tailor your marketing efforts to their specific needs, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Improved Conversion Rates

By continuously engaging with your leads, you can significantly increase your chances of converting them into buyers.

Customer retention

Good lead management can also help you retain existing customers, encouraging them to invest in more of your developments in the future.

Implementing lead management using CRM systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Salesforce or Hubspot can be valuable tools for lead management.

Here's how you can leverage CRM tools:

Import leads

Import the leads generated from your website into your CRM system. This allows you to keep track of all your leads in one place.

Lead scoring

Most CRM systems offer lead scoring features. This involves ranking leads based on their likelihood to convert, allowing you to focus your efforts on the most promising leads.

Automated marketing

CRM systems can automate many aspects of marketing, such as sending out regular email newsletters or re-targeting ads.

Track communications

Keep track of all communications with each lead, ensuring you always know where they are in the sales funnel and what the next steps should be.

Analytics and reporting

CRM systems provide useful analytics and reporting features, helping you understand the effectiveness of your lead management efforts and identify areas for improvement.

Make the most of your contacts with a smart lead management system

Lead management is an essential part of property development marketing. By effectively managing the leads generated from your website, you can nurture potential buyers, personalise your marketing efforts, improve conversion rates, and retain customers. CRM systems can make this process easier and more effective, helping you maximise the benefits of your lead generation efforts.

Interested to learn more?

We work with property developers all over the UK, expertly helping our clients make the most of their CRMs and lead tracking systems.

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