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Timing your property development announcements to attract leads

Updated: Feb 3

property development announcements

For property developers, the timing of your initiatives can significantly influence your ability to attract fresh leads and nurture existing ones. Controlling when you share major news, unveil new properties, introduce fresh designs, or spotlight unique features of your development can markedly enhance your lead generation and marketing efforts.

Having your own website (and integrated marketing campaigns) gives you this exact control over timing your property development announcements, enabling you to tactically design and implement your marketing strategies with utmost accuracy.

These strategies will reduce your time in the market, reduce your financial exposure, and improve your return on investment through lower lending costs.

The significance of timing your property development announcements

Timing is a strategic element that can amplify the success of your marketing campaigns. Here's why it's crucial:

Market timing

The property market can oscillate based on numerous factors such as economic climate, interest rates, and seasonal patterns. Timely sharing of news and updates can help you leverage favorable market conditions.

Lead engagement

Synchronising your announcements with periods of high potential lead engagement can magnify their effect. For instance, launching a new development during a prime property-buying season can draw in more prospective buyers.

Competitive edge

By managing the timing of your announcements, you can maintain an advantage over your competitors.

Brand perception

Regularly timed updates and releases reflect positively on your brand, demonstrating a sense of professionalism and dependability.

How to control timings using your website

Your website serves as a platform to regulate the timings of your key announcements and releases. Here are some strategies:

Scheduled Updates

Use your website to schedule the launch of crucial updates, guaranteeing they go live at the most beneficial times.

Countdown timers

Foster anticipation for significant announcements by showcasing countdown timers on your website.

News section or blog

Keep a news section or blog regularly updated with the latest progress in your projects. This keeps your audience well-informed and engaged.

Email alerts

Take advantage of your website to gather email addresses and send timely updates to subscribers about new properties, designs, and features.

Social media integration

Synchronise your social media channels with your website. This enables simultaneous updates across multiple platforms, broadening your reach and increasing trust.

Timing control is a potent strategy in the property development sector. Having a website offers you the capability to effectively manage the timing of your key announcements and releases. By capitalising on this control, you can align your marketing strategies with market conditions, levels of lead engagement, and competitive dynamics, ultimately driving success for your property development venture.

Interested to learn more?

We're PRINCE2 qualified project managers here at Treat - with the skills to bring together all the members of the property development supply chain. This communication and oversight ensures all the members of the team are aligned towards key project timings and milestones. If you want this level of precision on your marketing team, get in touch! Simply email


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