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Why your property development needs a dedicated website

Updated: Feb 3

A dedicated website for each of your property developments is not just an option, but a necessity. For seasoned property developers and home builders working on large-scale developments, having a distinct online presence can make all the difference in reaching your target market and selling your properties effectively.

Why your property development needs a dedicated website.

The importance of a dedicated website for your property development

A dedicated website serves multiple key purposes:

Detailed Property Showcasing

A website allows you to comprehensively showcase your off-plan properties. You can include high-resolution images, 3D renderings, virtual tours, floor plans, specifications, and more. This gives potential buyers a clear understanding of what they're purchasing, even if the property isn't built yet.

Local SEO

A website allows you to target local search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, helping you to appear in search results when potential buyers are looking for properties in specific locations.

Distinct branding

Each development is unique, offering a distinctive lifestyle and sense of place. A website allows you to create a brand for each development, targeting specific markets effectively.

Direct sales

With a website, you can reduce commissions by selling directly to the buyer. This not only increases your profit margin but also allows for a more direct relationship with your customers.

Lead management

The leads generated from your website belong to you. You can import these leads into Salesforce or any other CRM, allowing you to control the re-targeting, re-marketing, and email marketing process.

Marketing campaigns

With platforms like Wix, you can run email campaigns and social media campaigns directly from your website dashboards. This gives you complete control over your marketing efforts.

Sales funnel oversight and control

Owning a website means owning the entire sales and marketing process. You have complete oversight over the sales funnel, ensuring the utmost quality at every stage.

Timing control

In property, timing is everything. A website allows you to manage the timings of big announcements, new plots, new models, and new features of your development.

Increase off-plan sales

By leveraging user-friendly design, high-quality visuals, regular updates, strong calls-to-action, and customer testimonials, developers can boost their off-plan sales and attract more buyers.


Case Studies

Our work with Devon Oaks in Tavistock, Seascapes in Weston-super-Mare, Fistral Retreat at Newquay, and Bellswood in Hertfordshire (and more) stands as testimony to the effectiveness of dedicated websites. Each website we created spoke to a unique lifestyle distinct from other park home developments, effectively connecting with the target market and enhancing sales.

Choosing the right platform

While there are many platforms available for building websites, we recommend Wix due to our experience in the Wix Partner Programme. However, we also have expertise in working with all website platforms, including WordPress and Squarespace, and can guide you in selecting the one that best fits your needs.

Our services

With 17 years of expertise in the UK housing market, we offer comprehensive services to help property developers create and manage effective websites:

  1. Powerful Mapping: Meaningful development layouts that allows customers to view available plots in a familiar Google Maps interface.

  2. Beautiful Designs: Our web designs are developed to appeal to your target audience and align to your development's brand values.

  3. Property Marketing Strategies: We deliver effective property marketing strategies that yield results off-plan.

  4. Expert Project Management: We meticulously manage every aspect of the project, ensuring each step leads us closer to your end goal.

  5. Collaboration: Whether it's integrating with sales teams, in-house or external, or coordinating with various stakeholders in the project, we ensure that everyone works in harmony towards a common objective.

A dedicated website is a powerful tool for property developers. It offers control, flexibility, and distinct branding that can significantly enhance your marketing efforts and, your sales. With our expertise and services, we can help you leverage this tool to its full potential.

Interested to learn more?

Get in touch with our marketing experts today at and we can chat about marketing your property development.



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