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Sweat your asset off

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

You've drafted all the blogs, written all the press releases, and hosted your event. Now it's time to take all that content (and hard work) and make it pay off.

After your event

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Thank all your speakers, breakout session leaders, and support staff. This matters so so much. When you start from a position of gratitude, you can never go far wrong ❤

In addition to hosting your post-event live session (see previous blog), you'll want to follow up with personalised communications to each delegate.

Segmenting your delegates for tailored communications

This will help engagement with your brand, your products, and future events.

Cut your delegate lists into:

  • Attended (ATT) / Did not attend (DNA)

  • From attended, split further into those that asked questions (QA) and those that participated in a meaningful way in the chat.

You can now tailor your post-event communications to

  • Sorry we missed you, here's your links / materials

  • Thank you for attending, here's your links / materials

  • Thank you for your questions; your contributions matter + links / materials

  • Thank you for making our chat light up; you added insight to the topic + links / materials

Creating content from the audience questions (and answers)

The questions asked by the audience, and the answers provided by speakers are live content that you've not captured elsewhere, so best make use of that! Transcribe the Q&A in a meaningful way as an FAQ collection, or create separate blogs for each Q&A with backlinks to your pillar. Don't forget the questions asked by the audience upon registration. Each and every question asked COULD become it’s own blog post, back linked to the pillar page. So you have months of content to support your pillar, and create new promotional touchpoints, easily.

Optimise your post-event webinar recording

The recording can live on it's own on Zoom, behind a datawall or not, use the settings to set it up perfectly. So not to upset valid registrant, we wait 5 business days between sending the post-event recording link to attending / non-attending people, THEN we put up a datawall to capture anyone new. Once the datawall goes up, you can promote the webinar recording as an "on-demand" video.

Treat tip: Remember to go into Zoom recording registrants every few days to pull down webinar view registrants and add them to your CRM / customer database.

Make it last

To further professionalise the recording, download the webinar recording, tidy up the start and finish by cropping, then add an intro and outro relevant to your product and service offer. Serve this on your website, YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook as an on-demand video event or course.

Following this playbook, you should be able to easily add value and create these value-adding assets


This a list of the key actions your customers need to do to prepare for changes at their organisation., or PESTLE changes in the sector. Style it with your branding, make it free to download from your pillar, and send out to webinar attendees by email as bonus content.

Self-assessment checklist

This is a one-pager checklist of critical friend-style questions that each customer needs to ask to prepare for changes in their organisation or in their sector.


With the results of the webinar transcribed, you can compile your entire campaign into an eBook. The pillar page content, associated blogs, introductory piece from your director (micro content), industry / sector considerations (macro content) and all the important questions from your event set out like a FAQ. Don't forget to sprinkle in product and service offers throughout the publication with CTA hyperlinks in your .pdf to learn more. A content piece this large and valuable should be behind a datawall.


That's not all. You can still leverage this content again and again for years to come. Learn how here.


If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to help you with your content creation strategy, please contact us at or ring us at 07513 472371.

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