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4 questions to create killer content that sells

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

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Blogs and content must be created with the recipient in mind.

To create an entire content-driven campaign that generates brand awareness and will help you open up a new revenue stream – ask these 4 essential questions.

Sit down for a recorded person-to-person interview with your director, if you are the director, grab a blank sheet of paper and ask yourself these questions, don’t forget to fire up your phone to record yourself, as well. (Treat recommends the recording and transcription app Otter)


Question 1: What is the number one challenge facing our industry in the next 12 months? Why is that?


Question 2: Give me 3 reasons why this is a challenge facing our industry or our sector.


Question 3: Tell me why this issue matters to our business.


Question 4: Tell me why this matter to you, personally.

For a worked example of these 4 questions, check out the content and activation strategy here. We hope you enjoy the series!

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