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Create your CTAs ... or nothing!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Every. single. marketing. activity. must. have. a. call-to-action.

Let's do this!

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So you know you need CTAs

You want to lead your clients through the marketing cycle through to the subsequent CTA in the process. But, what actually works and how do you keep a prospective customer's interest?

Here at Treat, we recommend:

Creating "Register your interest" landing pages to hoover up any and all prospects expressing interest in what you are talking about. Even before you've announced your pillar, before your press releases, before your webinar or your product launch - start gathering contact details with a register your interest landing page.

Use this landing page to gather important information about your contacts to tailor your content, build your database and start reaching out in a meaningful way.

Top tips for your landing page

  • Include freetext comments on your landing page and ask a question about the topic so you can understand your audience

  • Include a tick box to allow people to say “I’d like to talk to a member of your team” and pick up any enquiries

  • Especially post-Covid, get mobile numbers so you can reach out to customers via SMS or ring them directly.

Now that you have your CTA's you are ready for publishing and promotion!

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to help you with your content creation strategy, please contact us at or ring

us at 07513 472371.

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