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6 Reasons to work with a local digital marketing agency

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

In today's digital world, having a digital marketing agency on your side is more essential than ever. Digital agencies can help businesses grow and succeed online with efficiency, authenticity and relevance across social media, email marketing and through online events. In this blog post, we'll outline the 6 reasons why you should work with a local digital marketing agency:

What is digital marketing?

"Digital marketing" is the strategies and tactics you use in your marketing programme that helps improve your online visibility. Digital marketing is at the core of all modern business marketing.

What services do digital agencies offer?

A digital agency will provide a comprehensive portfolio of digital marketing services that are essential for achieving your marketing and business goals. We focus on the digital marketing services that are most likely to work for local Torbay businesses:

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Online events

  • Blogs and other forms of digital content creation.

Our staff and our offices are based in Torbay, on Torquay Harbour. We know how to effectively use these digital marketing services to achieve the most effective results for your local business.

A high quality, professional digital marketing agency helps you achieve your business marketing and conversion goals by targeting the right customers, on the platforms they are likely to use, with a clear call-to-action that will convert leads into sales.

What are the advantages of using a local digital marketing agency?

Local digital marketing is the use of digital channels to target a specific geographic area, usually with campaigns that have medium budgets and a larger reach. The reason local digital marketing is so effective is because digital ads can be hyper-targeted to customers from a specific area, using criteria such as age range and gender. Digital marketing strategies are relevant for your local business in Torbay -- and with our location in Torquay, and specialist knowledge of local consumers and sectors, we can provide immediate, relevant, on-site support 7 days a week.

Treat marketing supports the local business community in Torbay

Digital marketing makes your job easier

When you work with a skilled digital agency, we can create an entire month's worth of content from a brief one-hour meeting. We develop all of your campaigns: your media, graphics, messaging, and hashtags to target your perfect customer. Our channel recommendations and specialist segmentation advice will help craft and create your advertising to reach a granular, targeted audience with laser-focus, so you can reach your ideal customer effectively.

Campaign calendars

Customer campaigns are sent through to you as calendars for approval, with accompanying image libraries and caption content already created for you.

Blogs and content creation

Blogs are created using our three-point process where we curate questions that are relevant to your target audience and carry out depth interviews, this exclusive method (that Treat originated) provides a deep understanding of key messages so we can communicate the information your audience requires. Interview content is crafted into professionally copywritten blog posts that are optimised for your SEO keywords.

SEO: Optimising your website to be found on Google

The blogs are then sent to your website management company, or we can add them to your website for you. We provide complimentary search engine optimisation (SEO) monitoring so you can see how you are climbing the ranks for your chosen keywords.

Working with a local digital marketing agency is effortless

It's very easy working with a digital agency because we take a lot of the effort out of marketing your business with just a couple quick meetings. We can create an entire strategic marketing campaign that will get the phone ringing and orders flying in - attracting a lot of attention, awareness and engagement for your organisation.

Engagement and reach for a recent Below Decks campaign

Digital marketing is flexible

Digital marketing is more flexible than traditional marketing methods. With so much uncertainty in the world, and at any moment, you can pivot and reach new people, sell new products, and update your product catalogue, in just a few clicks.

Pivot and adapt

You can change your focus and communicate critical announcements to an engaged, captive audience that is waiting for your next post, event, or email.

Building your digital following organically

Because digital marketing can build over time in a really natural, organic way, what you create is a community that is listening to you, and engaging with your content. Over time, you can leverage that flexibility and become more agile with your product and service offers and really meet the demands of your customers.

The benefits of digital marketing engagement

Engaged customers are brought along on your journey and look forward to receiving your next message. As quickly as you can make a decision, your digital marketing campaign can shift, adapt and succeed, building your audience at each step along the way.

Digital marketing modernises your brand

Digital Marketing makes your brand more modern. If you're not on social media, or you don't have a social presence -- you will not be at the front of mind for companies and consumers - and people may even wonder if you're still open for business.

Building an engaged community

It's important to go out with content a few times per week at minimum to keep customers updated with your latest offers, and messages about the value you bring to customers. Digital is the modern method of interacting with your clients, and it creates a community of people that are interested in your next communication.

Digital marketing improves brand authenticity

Digital marketing that makes your brand more authentic because of the range and volume of content that you can create for not a lot of budget.

Sound and vision

Because digital media marketing uses images, videos, music and words, the volume of content that you can produce showcases the true voice of your teams, leadership and your organisation.

Times have changed

If you think that 10 or 20 years ago you used to produce a brochure or a flyer once a year - how many words or images went into that publication? Now, if you were to add up all of your web pages, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn posts, with all of the hashtags and the targeting -- with a digital marketing solution, you're communicating several brand new full product catalogues every couple of months.

Little and often

And it's that volume and iteration that lends itself to the authenticity of your brand, your voice, your offer and how you communicate and work with customers to demonstrate how your products and services meet their needs.

Revealing your company's authentic self

The authentic part of what you're doing is meeting the customer's needs and really understanding who your customer is. Social media and digital marketing gives you a platform to demonstrate how much you care, show how you're listening, to engage in brand storytelling, and to trigger an emotion in your customer that you can't get through traditional media or print media.

What is your favourite channel?

Think about how you tune in to your favourite TV channels, radio stations, podcasts, and social media platforms. Fans of your company and your brand will want to hear from you frequently with news, updates from your team, and announcements about your latest products and services.

The efficiency of digital marketing

Digital marketing makes your business more efficient, because the costs associated with digital marketing are so much less than traditional marketing for the reach you can achieve (and prove) -- digital simply provides greater value for money.

Targeting local Torbay businesses and consumers, and beyond

We can reach and engage an enormous audience through a clever, well-structured digital content. It's so inexpensive and highly targeted, not doing digital media could actually be damaging your business. Since the pandemic, everyone essentially has a digital presence - everyone has an email address and everyone has a social media account on one or more platforms.

Digital marketing and social media is rich with data insights

With the data that these platforms gather, you can reach people exactly when they want to be reached with a message they want to hear, and with a product or service that they want to buy -- that level of efficiency helps you sell your products with lightning fast speed; and in the most efficient and effective way possible - and you will have the performance figures to prove the return on investment.

Use digital marketing for awareness, engagement and sales

Digital marketing can be at the top or bottom of your sales funnel, depending on how you use it, and it's efficient and adaptable enough to flex between them both so you can meet your business needs - whether it's market expansion, product expansion, differentiation or outright sales.

Digital marketing is an investment

Marketing used to be considered an expense, and was typically the first budget to be cut when times were tough. The difference with digital marketing is that you can quickly move marketing activity and budget allocation further down the sales pipeline to directly impact revenue and profitability when you need to.

Improving brand awareness

Digital marketing protects, projects and promotes your brand and brand values, increasing your presence online and improving awareness. The greatest thing that you can do for your company's efficiency is to start a digital marketing programme today.

Improving profitability with a local digital marketing agency

Digital marketing can make your business more profitable because you don't have large overheads of a traditional marketing department. With a digital marketing agency we can get you up to speed and present across digital marketing platforms quickly.

Case study: Torquay self-catering apartments
This month, we crafted beautifully copywritten messaging, two 30-second Facebook Advertising videos, and audience targeting in less that 2 days for a hospitality client that needed to go market with an offer immediately. The client is now on track to receive 100 new website visitors per day with a "Book now" button, and will save themselves a fortune on online travel agency (OTA) fees.

The efficiency and profitability of webinars

Webinars are a fantastic way to generate excitement in your community of customers, and they are the gold-standard to originate evergreen content that repurpose for months and months.

Repurposing webinar content

You are creating content around particular events and then the event materials, recordings, and questions then become the content that you can repurpose into:

  • Blog posts

  • Q and A's

  • Bonus content

  • Email newsletter content

  • On demand videos served on your website; or on your YouTube channel.

Digital marketing drives profitability

All of these efficiencies are driving people further down the purchasing funnel to become fans of your brand and also become customers of your brand. That drives your profitability, because all of that digital marketing activity can be done at such a low cost -- simply speaking, your margins increase because your overheads go down.

Helping you transform your marketing programme in 2022

As a digital marketing agency based in Torbay, Treat can help you transform your business from a traditional marketing brand with a traditional marketing team to one that is leading your competition through a digital first strategy. As former "traditional marketers" ourselves, we can help bring your existing team along on the journey with:

  • engaging onboarding sessions

  • value proposition workshops (Strategyzer); and

  • content creation workshops and photoshoots

These are designed to keep your team happy and focused on making the new digital transformation programme a good investment for your business online.

Passionate about digital marketing

Treat Torbay, as a digital marketing company, we are passionate about digital marketing strategies. We really love social media marketing, email marketing, blog creation, content creation, search engine optimisation services (SEO services) and webinars!

Treat Torbay is here to help local businesses across Torbay - in Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and Newton Abbot

We are a local business, based here in Torquay Harbour. Torbay is in our name and is central to our brand identity. We are here to help you and we are here for the success of Torbay. We are one of the leading marketing agencies in Torbay and here to help you when you are ready and need a hand. It's time for a new look in 2022, and it's time to call Treat! We are happy to meet with you to learn more about your business and provide a free digital marketing proposal. Please contact us any time on 07513 472371.


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