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4 Different marketing styles (and how to enhance them)

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

When you work in marketing, it's important to be aware of the different styles of marketing and what makes each one unique. By understanding the characteristics of each style, you can grow and enhance your capabilities. Here are four common styles of marketing, along with tips to support and improve them.

Overachiever (Performance-Driven Marketing)

Performance-driven marketing is all about results. If it can't be measured, it's not worth doing. This style of marketing is focused on generating leads and conversions. To be successful, performance-driven marketers need to have a deep understanding of data analytics. They need to know how to track results and optimize campaigns for maximum efficiency.

Build on your skills

To enhance performance-driven marketing, focus on continuous improvement. Always be looking for ways to increase leads and conversions. Use data to continually refine your approach and make sure you're always allocated your resources in the most effective way possible.

Emotional Connector

While performance-driven marketing is all about results, emotional connections are all about building relationships. This style of marketing focuses on creating an emotional bond between the customer and the brand. Emotional connection marketers believe that customers who feel a connection to the brand are more likely to be loyal and advocate for the company.

Create and collaborate

To build emotional connections, focus on creating compelling content that tells a story and resonates with your audience. Focus on building relationships with influencers and thought leaders in your industry. And make sure your branding is consistent across all channels.

Community Builder

Community builders see their customers as members of a larger community that they are trying to cultivate and grow. Community builders want their customers to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Engagement is essential

If you're looking to build community, start by focusing on engagement. Make it easy for customers to interact with you and each other. Host events and create content that fosters a sense of belonging among your customers. And most importantly, make sure you're listening to what your customers have to say—and taking action based on their feedback.

Great Communicator

Great communicators are all about effective communication. They understand that the key to any successful relationship—whether it's between a customer and a brand or between two people—is open, honest communication. The great communicators strive to create an open channel of communication between the company and its customers.

Transparency and authenticity

If you're looking to improve your team's communication skills, start by encouraging honesty and transparency in all interactions with customers—even if it means admitting when you've made a mistake. Make sure you're providing clear instructions and expectations to your team members. And finally, give employees the resources they need to effectively do their jobs (including training, if necessary).

All four of these styles of marketing have their own unique strengths. By understanding the characteristics of each style, you can more effectively grow and enhance your marketing career. Focusing on continuous improvement, relationship building, fostering community, and open communication will help you take marketing game to the next level.

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